Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ancient record of supernova explosion?

John Barentine of Apache Point Obsevatory is suggesting that ancient Native Americans may have recorded a supernova explosion in AD 1066. The purported record is carved in a rock found in Arizona. The petroglyph apparently shows an eight-pointed star and a scorpio, which according to Barentine, could be the supernova explosion that occured at the vicinity of Scorpius more than a millenia ago.


It could be a possibility, but it is not conclusive, as Barentine himself conceded. It is not clear whether ancient Native Americans see the constellation Scorpio as indeed something that looks like a scorpio, so the representation could be just coincidental. Who knows, maybe it was just a kid drawing a flower beside a scorpion?

Apache Point Observatory website is here.

Photo by John Barantine/Apache Point Observatory

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