Friday, March 30, 2007

Make Crop Circles and Become Friendly With Aliens

I stumbled upon these interesting how-to's in WikiHow:

1. How to report a UFO sighting. Curious, but I also want to know what should I do in case I get abducted by aliens (!). And if there is also a support group for abductees that can comfort me after I get, uhm, manhandled by a lecherous Martian?

2. How to make a crop circle. This should result in a rash of copycat crop circles popping all over the place. Well, there are no shortage of people who still think crop circles are made by ET, so...

For serious astronomy enthusiasts though, here's one helpful article.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

France Opens UFO Files

France is opening up its secret UFO files accumulated in the last 50 years. The documents, numbering around 10,000 were gathered by the French aerospace agency CNES and is available on this website.

Calling Mulder and Scully...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Space X Rocket Reaches Space

The second attempt of budget-rocket company Space X to launch a rocket into space ended in a semi-success, with the Falcon 1 booster reaching space for the first time. The rocket was launched from Marshall Islands and reached an altitude of 320 kilometers into space, but the second stage booster failed due to software glitches.

The first launch of the Falcon also ended in a failure, caused by a $5 nut.

Photo credit: Space X