Monday, September 04, 2006

They should have seen it coming...

It seems that the controversy regarding the demotion of Pluto has repercussions far more than the IAU had expected. Astrologers from all over had been calling foul over the astronomy body's decision to demote Pluto from its planet status.

Astrologers are specially concerned about the demotion's effects on people whose zodiac sign is Scorpio (like me, for instance) as Pluto has an affinity with the birth sign. Most decided to stick with Pluto. Other astrologers are also in the bind whether to include the minor planets into the astrology charts that they consult when making horoscopes. One was a bit pragmatic though, saying "UB313 is never going to tell you whether Wednesday is good for romance," as the minor planet is so far away in the Solar System.

Well said. But then again, they should have predicted this already.

Link to the story here.

Thanks for the tip on the story, Bamm.

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