Friday, March 30, 2007

Make Crop Circles and Become Friendly With Aliens

I stumbled upon these interesting how-to's in WikiHow:

1. How to report a UFO sighting. Curious, but I also want to know what should I do in case I get abducted by aliens (!). And if there is also a support group for abductees that can comfort me after I get, uhm, manhandled by a lecherous Martian?

2. How to make a crop circle. This should result in a rash of copycat crop circles popping all over the place. Well, there are no shortage of people who still think crop circles are made by ET, so...

For serious astronomy enthusiasts though, here's one helpful article.

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alvinwriter said...

The X-Files may no longer be a regular series on television, but now there's this thrust by NASA to study strange phenomena. But too bad for you mystery seekers out there, it might not really include research on crop circles and alien abductions. Read more about this in the link that follows.

- Alvin from The Sci-Tech Desk at