Friday, October 03, 2008

UFO-Indicator Experiences

A Rutgers University professor has a fine paper on alien abduction. It listed five classic alien abductee symptoms:

1. "Waking up paralyzed with a sense of a strange person or presence or something else in the room.'

2. "Experiencing a period of time of an hour or more, in which you were apparently lost, but you could not remember why or where you had been."

3. "Feeling that you were actually flying through the air although you didn't know why or how."

4. "Seeing unusual lights or balls of light in a room without knowing what was causing them."

5. "Finding puzzling scars on your body and neither you nor anyone else remembering how you received them or where you got them."

Recognizing 4 out of 5 symptoms would qualify one as an alien abductee.

via io9

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