Friday, August 03, 2012

Astronomy and Space Sciences at the Mind Museum

The Mind Museum is a newly-opened science-oriented museum in the Philippines. 

Located in the Bonifacio business district in Metro Manila, the museum has five interactive galleries: Story of the Universe (astronomy and cosmology), Story of Earth (geology and paleontology), Story of Life (biology and life sciences), Story of the Atom (physics and chemistry) and Story of Technology.

The Story of the Universe gallery is one of the most interesting for astronomy buffs such as me. It has a small planetarium that also shows not just the celestial sphere but also video documentaries projected onto the dome itself. One of the documentaries I've watched was the one about comets and asteroids and their impact to the earth.

There's also a full-sized astronaut suit on display, as well as remotely-controlled replicas of the Mars rovers. Viewers can interact and control the vehicles via a remote over a simulated Mars surface.

There is also a working orrery of the solar system that can also be interacted with and manipulated to show the orbits of planets in the solar system.

A huge globe that shows different seasons, wind patterns, ozone concentration, typhoon tracks, and other geological and meteorological features is also a highlight of the exhibit.

Several scale models of spacecraft - such as the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station - can be found in the second floor of the museum.

Useful Info: 

How to get there: The museum is at J.Y.Campos Park in 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City. There is no public transportation going to the area so you may have to take a cab to get here.

Tickets: can be purchased online or at the gate (limited number). You may opt for an all-day pass (adults PhP 750) or 3-hr slots (9am-12n, 12n-3pm, 3pm-6pm, and 6pm-9pm on Saturdays and Sundays, adults for P600).

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katalinarosario said...

I'm also interested in the astro exhibit. I will visit the museum soon! :D